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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kathryn, and I run the site at Bestfountainpenreview.com and try to give you a feel for the best pens out there.

I was first introduced to pens in primary school but got really hooked when I was around 14 and started writing a journal. My best pens when I was young were the dipping kind and I had several ink jars of divine colours, like pink and turquoise, on my desk.

I live in Belgium and here the primary schools still request today to write with fountain pens (luckily for the children, the cartridge type). So pens have always been around me. My desk has always had journals and my best pens. I have written with pens in garden journals, cooking journals, baby journals and now my regular journal. Today I still have several of my pens on my desk, of which I recommend some in this site and here you see three ink jars, Cloudy Greay, Berry Red and Babysoft Pink, next to my favourite pen, Caran d’Ache Ecridor.

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As I got older, I got interested in the story behind the pen and the history of it. Most of these pens are part of our heritage. Some have quite literally written history. And as I love writing and I am a bit of a history buff, I got to read and write about it. As I started researching online, and there was so much information and even more pens that I ever thought existed. I discovered the vintage market and the forums. There are also some wonderful sites about pen refurbishing. But I never really found the stories of these great pens or simply the best pens, who has written with them, who bought them, … Dissatisfied with the lack of good reviews in combination with their heritage, I decided to create my own website. After spending many hours of research and analysis, I’ve put together what I call the Best Pens Review. It is an interactive chart that allows you to view the information and the stories on nearly 50 of the top fountain pens, most of them on the market.

I am not a professional writer nor a store owner of pens or office material. I have not had the pleasure of handling hundreds of pens (let alone writing with them for a long period and the main reason is because I use my laptop way too much). But I think I have assembled an overview of the most intriguing pens and the stories that accompany them.

I have tried to give you the information you would want to know in a digest format so that you can make the best decision in finding the best pens for you based on what matters to you and what made your heart beat a bit faster.

It remains a summary of my opinions and fact gathering but you might be more concerned about the brand or the price than the fact which famous person has written his bestseller with it. I am adding stories and pens as I go through my own personal search path.

I do hope the site here will help you find the best fountain pen for you.

Kathryn Fovean

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  1. Love your site and the history story you shared! As I am reading I’m afraid it gets to the end and no more to read… 🙂
    I grew up in the 60’s using fountain pens. We treasured them because we can’t afford more than one for our entire school life. Life goes on, up and down and I don’t remember when we stopped writing with them. Reading your website made me realize that I should get back to enjoy them from now on. Thank you!

  2. Interesting information, Kathryn…it was a delight to get to know the historical aspects of iconic fountain pens. Though I’m not a die-hard enthusiast of fountain pens, yet I wanted to possess one for the pleasure of writing and recall my old school days. The quest ended with Lamy Safari, and the feeling of writing with this pen could just not be described in words. Thereon began my another vigorous search to know best fountain pens of similar functionalities, which led me to your site. It’s lovely and serves its purpose so well.
    Thanks for a wonderful compilation and sharing this information…

    Narinder K

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