TWSBI 540 Diamond, amongst the best fountain pens under 100, equally classic as ingenuous

best fountain pens under 100

The TWSBI 540 Diamond Fountain Pens are modern and well designed Not just well designed like most pens. And best fountain pens under 100. But co-designed by enthousiasts and a community. And then there is the price point – just one of its great attributes. It is a demonstrator. This means that the clear model […]

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Yard-O-Led Viceroy and Symbolism of Great Expensive pens

expensive pens

Symbolism of great expensive pens Although many advocates of the digital age would like to convince us that handwriting is and should be a vanishing art, no digital document will ever have the power of a handwritten document such as the Declaration of Independence, penned in the very beautiful handwriting of Thomas Jefferson. This document, […]

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Pilot Pen Vanishing Point, best fountain pen for the money, celebrates its Golden Jubilee

best fountain pen for the money

It can be considered as best fountain pen for the money. The Vanishing point is a Quinquagenary. Yes, that is 50 years indeed. Its rettractable nib is very unique in design and still today. But let me take you back to the origins of the Pilot, the creator of Vanishing Point. The history of the […]

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Aurora Nobile: only the best ink pens were taken on antarctic expeditions

best ink pens

Aurora and Leonardo No, Leonardo da Vinci never wrote with an Aurora fountain pen since he lived 400 years before its invention, but his tremendous contributions to Italian culture inspired an 18 karat gold Limited Edition in his honor. An exquisite collection,   ranked among world’s best ink pens, reflects the beauty and precision attributed to the […]

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Porsche Design TecFlex P’3110, Part of the Collection of Cool Fountain Pens

cool Fountain pens

If you love fountain pens and sleek, classic design, then you will love this pen. What I love about these cool fountain pens is that their barrels are made of woven stainless steel cable sheaths comprised of TecFlex, the same ingenious material used by the Porsche motor sports team. The woven Tec Flex design resembles […]

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Graf von Faber-Castell Anello, quintessential German heritage and best legacy pen

The Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Anello Fountain Pen is a stand-out pen in classic designs and a best legacy pen Why call it a best legacy pen? Well, to start of I personally love the name: ‘Anello’ means ‘rings’ in Italian. It gets the name from the thin rings of precious metal around the body, which is […]

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