A Faber-Castell Ambition creative ink pen, with a connection to the royal family of Bavaria

The heritage of this Faber-Castell ink pen The history of Faber-Castell Company dates back to 250 years. This Germany-based company was founded back in 1761 by Kasper Faber. Till date, eight generations of the same family have managed this company. Writing instruments and more specifically the ink pen, from Faber-Castell have always been in focus. These […]

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Cool pens under 100? Kaweco Liliput is certainly a prime example

cool pens under 100

Though she be but little… she is fierce We believe that every writer has his pen, just as every magician his wand—indeed, both create differing kinds of magic. If you happen to be looking for a versatile, easily handled writing implement, the Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen might be the perfect fit. As Shakespeare so aptly […]

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Montegrappa Espressione, the expression of great luxury pens

great luxury pens

The Espressione, the epitome of Italian great luxury pens The Montegrappa Espressione fountain pen is the epitome of the Italian spirit and is a fine example of great luxury pens. It combines its excellent design with its construction consisting of the precious materials of mother-of-pearl resin and sterling silver. This pen is a fantastic example of […]

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Parker 51, once dubbed ‘the most wanted pen’ and is the best Parker pen

best parker pen

  Once dubbed  ‘the most wanted pen’… The Parker 51 pen is probably the most historical pen that Parker has ever made. And therefor can be seen as the best Parker pen yet. It sets the standard of style, design, and functionality of fountain pens with its elegance and ease of use. First made in […]

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Conway Stewart Wellington, the English Gentlemen’s Fountain Pen and one of the best vintage pens

best vintage pens

Among the best vintage pens… Considered one the best vintage pens but this particular Conway Stewart fountain pen is really a distinguished English pen and more a piece of art than a writing instrument. The crafting of this Conway Stewart fountain pen has the precision of a time piece. Its style and form does not sacrifice […]

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Best classic pen Sheaffer Sagaris, created by the Iowa jeweler in the fifties

best classic pen

The origins of the Sheaffer pens The best classic pen out there Ever since Walter A. Sheaffer introduced his lever-filling fountain pen in 1913, the Sheaffer Pen Corporation has been known for producing luxury fountain Sheaffer pens. The Sheaffer pens are known for their classic elegance and timeless style. They have long been sought after by […]

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The Cross fountain pen, the front runner of American pen innovation

Cross fountain pen

The beginnings of the Cross fountain pen A.T Cross Company is credited as the first American company of writing instruments. Founded in the mid 1800’s, Cross is also merited as the longest-running producer of many varieties, styles, and types of pens, pencils, and accessories. Cross pens have been the chosen instruments of many a powerhouse. […]

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