Best classic pen Sheaffer Sagaris, created by the Iowa jeweler in the fifties

best classic pen

The origins of the Sheaffer pens

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The best classic pen out there

Ever since Walter A. Sheaffer introduced his lever-filling fountain pen in 1913, the Sheaffer Pen Corporation has been known for producing luxury fountain Sheaffer pens.

The Sheaffer pens are known for their classic elegance and timeless style. They have long been sought after by people who appreciate quality. Walt Disney had several Sheaffer pens throughout his life.

Whether they choose the hand-finished lacquer model Sheaffer Legacy pen or those with 22k gold or palladium or matte black plate, they are getting some of the best pens ever produced. Today many of these classic pens are collector’s items and are used people who appreciate fine writing pens. But this might just be the best classic pen.

While the hoi polloi gravitated towards the convenience of the ballpoint pen, there are a group of people whi embrace the unique experience of writing with a fountain pen. Today the Sheaffer pens combine modern style with the exquisite classic designs for which Sheaffer pens have long been known. Writing with a fountain pen is not about convenience, it’s about style. There is an appreciation of timeless penmanship. When you buy a Sheaffer Legacy pen, the best classic pen, you follow in that tradition.

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage

These Sheaffer pens come in styles and finishes to suit many tastes or lifestyles. Its classic wide-bodied barrel which tapers to an elegant rounded tip has drawn the admiration of the well-to-do for over 100 years and makes it the best classic pen. With its palladium-plated 18K gold inlaid nib, the Legacy Heritage collection is not for everyone. But if you appreciate quality fountain pens, then the Sheaffer Legacy Heritage is the one for you.

Today, Sheaffer pens feature fine or medium sized nibs and a cartridge filling system or converter. Still they have a unique feel that’s a distinctive Sheaffer trademark.

Walter A. Sheaffer invested his life savings to create and market a line of fountain pens of unequalled style and quality. Even during the Great Depression, the value of and desire for Sheaffer pens continued to grow. Soldiers, sailors, and statement bought the pens by the thousands. Sheaffer pens were such a popular gift for people serving in the armed forces, they became known as the pen “For Uncle Sam’s Fighting Boys”.

Sheaffer pens have evolved over the past 100 years.

That makes them classic. Initially their primary selling points were the pens cleaned themselves during filling and they filled themselves instantly with the touch of a finger. This evolved into the sacless plunger designed in the 1930s, the “Touchdown” pneumatic-filling mechanism in 1949, and the fat-bodied ‘Pen For Men’ with its inlaid nib in 1959. The 1950s also saw Sheaffer pens becoming versatile enough to use cartridges or bottled ink. Models like the Snorkel and the Tarqa remained top-line fountain pens for decades and today are collector’s items.

As demand for Sheaffer pens grew, the company produced well-made lower cost models like the ‘School Pen’ and the No-Nonsense’ pen. These were wildly popular. However, Sheaffer continued to produce premium fountain pens like the legendary Legacy and Valor series. In 2013 the company released the special edition Ferrari fountain pen collection which continues in the company’s tradition of creating the best fountain pens in the industry. Sheaffer pens like the Sheaffer Legacy Heritage. Its barrel has a Black Onyx lacquer finish, 22k gold plate trim, and chased pall plate cap.

Walter Sheaffer was an Iowa jeweler. The fountain pens he designed were like functional jewelry. They marked the holder as a person of substance and consistently appreciated in value. These included the premium-priced ‘lifetime’ pen with guaranteed replacement gold nibs for life and Sheaffer’s signature ‘white dot’ pens. Since then he has created Sheaffer pens like the Jade (made of Radite), the streamlined cigar-shaped Sheaffer Balance, and the affordable WASP. Today in addition to its luxury line of fountain pens which sell for thousands of dollars, the company also makes moderately priced lines like the Sentinel, Award, and the Sheaffer Gift Collection.

The White Dot line of fine writing Sheaffer pens is the highest-priced, most sought-after Sheaffer fountain pen. The company has also continued to create innovative, high quality fountain pens. While the White Dot line is the company’s most famous luxury brand, Sheaffer also markets quality pens under brand names like Agio, Javelin, Valor, Prelude, and others.

You can find more information, reviews and the price of the Sheaffer Legacy, best classic pen, here.

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