TWSBI 540 Diamond, amongst the best fountain pens under 100, equally classic as ingenuous

best fountain pens under 100

The TWSBI 540 Diamond Fountain Pens are modern and well designed Not just well designed like most pens. And best fountain pens under 100. But co-designed by enthousiasts and a community. And then there is the price point – just one of its great attributes.

It is a demonstrator. This means that the clear model allows the ink to be seen. You can the work on the fine details like the logo on the nib and cap. they have tried and succeeded in making it a distinctive brand. This is Japanese branding power at work.

best fountain pens under 100But more importantly TWSBI offers ink pens that are actually really being praised by pen lovers worldwide.

The TWSBI 530 the mother of the 540, was created and designed by and for fountain pen enthusiast. It combines a classic fountain pen piston ink-filling system with modern industrial design. It was at the same time eye-catching and appreciative of the past and relevant to the present.

When you start reading about this pen, you will quickly see that one of the purposes of creating the Diamond 530 was to teach its users, whether young or old, to understand the value of enjoying life through owning and using a fountain pen, including the important experience of disassembling and reassembling the ink pens. This is really the main reason why this pen deserves a blog post. But did I mention it yet: it is amongst best fountain pens under 100.

The origins of the TWSBI pens

The creator, Wang Chengchang spent 20 years as an OEM for Japanese ink pens companies before creating the TWSBI Montesa. When he tried to register the name Montesa, he was turned away because the name was similar to one being used by an Indian company in Taiwan. The name that came to him after an afternoon nap was “Hall of Three Cultures” or San Wen Tang. To honor the company his father founded and passed on to him, and to show his affection for his new brand, he used the Hall of the Three Rare Treasures created by Emperor Qianlong as a memorial to three great masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy, as inspiration for the Chinese brand name. The Romanized initials with the word Bi used as a reference to writing tools, was used to create an English name TWSBI. This unique name expresses the company’s focus.

best fountain pens under 100

TWSBI 540 Black and Rosegold

With his 40 years of experience as an OEM and the input of Taiwan and China fountain pen users, Mr. Wang constructed a product from their wish lists, ideas and suggestions, including the red logo mark. Yes, the presence of branding power.

The improvements on one of the best fountain pens under 100

In October, 2009 a member whose user name was Speedy on the Fountain Pen Network, identified himself as a fountain pen user and maker. He offered pictures of the TWSBI 530 prototypes. The pictures showed the piston system made of brass and aluminum and noted the weight difference. He also discussed a real basic version with plastic piston parts that would reduce both the weight and the cost of production. He discussed an aluminum version that would be a higher grade version in the future.

At the time of the post, the project had been underway for three or four months and the tooling of plastic parts were in process and testing was scheduled for the end of October. If things went according to plan, the product would be debugged and ready in three months with the price between $35 and $40. He planned to first sell them on eBay.

Speedy received 300 offers to purchase the first batch of ink pens while the fine tuning was still being done. They were shipped around the 4th of July. This batch led to further debugging and refinement because the seals used were of the wrong size and he decided to use tougher materials as well as a more scratch-proof material to protect the beauty of the product. He also implemented new testing for leaks and drop test to improve the quality of the fountain pens.

The TWSBI 530 was really created for fountain pen enthusiast. The creator wanted his fountain pens to be enjoyed by all and produced a low cost, high quality fountain pen.

The TWSBI 540 is an improved model.

best fountain pens under 100

Visit TWSBI’s Facebook Page for links testimonials and review by writers and artist.

Or you can find more information, reviews and the price of this pen, and I tell you, it is amongst the best fountain pens under 100, here.


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