Toledo M700, one of Pelikan’s best ink pens

best ink pens
best ink pens

Pelikan Toledo M700 Gold

One of the best ink pens out there

Why is it up there with the best ink pens? For those in the know, the Pelikan brand is one of the most reputable companies in the fountain pen industry, and with the release of the Pelikan fountain pen Toledo M700, this still stands true, even more than one hundred and thirty years after the company’s humble beginnings.

The beginnings of Pelikan

Pelikan began in 1838, when the creator, Carl Hornemann, began a small company that produced high quality ink and water colors.

best ink pens

Gunther Wagner 1878

In 1871, Mr. Gunther Wagner purchased the company from Hornemann, and turned it into a great success. Under his name, the Pelikan brand became a name of the writing world, and in 1879, Pelikan was registered as an official trademark, making it one of the oldest brands in all of Germany. This is also for me another reason for being in the category of best ink pens. Because from that time, Pelikan has been as staple of the fountain pen industry, a tradition that carries on today.

A Pelikan fountain pen, even today, is known the world over for their superior level of craftsmanship, and with the release of the new Pelikan Toledo M700 Fountain Pen, that claim stands true today.

best ink pens

Toledo, Spain

This pen was inspired by the craftsman of Toledo, Spain, although each pen is really crafted in Germany. Being inspired by the world-renowned craftsman of Spain, it shows a completely hand-crafted design, and a high capacity, differential plunger filling system. This Pelikan pen uses a wide array of quality inks, and may only be refilled from a bottled ink.

Specs of the Pelikan fountain pen Toledo

This masterful and classically designed Pelikan fountain pen is a showcase of craftsmanship, measuring 12.7 cm long with the cap off, and presenting with a diameter of 11.7mm. The design was based on the critically acclaimed Souverån M400 fountain pen, and has this hand-engraved sleeve of 925 sterling vermeil silver, that is overlaid with individually designed and etched 24k gold plating. It also comes in at a minuscule 23g, making it a lightweight, and easily portable.

The nib of the Pelikan Toledo M700 is also hand-engraved, and is crafted out of 18k gold, while the cap and the front piece of the pen are hand-crafted from the highest quality black resin available on the market today. The 18k gold, hand-designed nib also features a stunning, and breathtaking, rhodium design, that is painstakingly created by the master craftsman who is individually selected to design each Pelikan fountain pen.

best ink pens

Red Pelikan Toledo

This Pelikan fountain pen is a pinnacle of the fountain pen world, and is presented in an original, handmade, silk-lined gift box. Each Pelikan fountain pen is individually numbered and signed by the master craftsman who created it, allowing for a personalized and high quality means of identification and personal recognition. This creates an air of personalization for each pen, and allows the user to easily trace the creation of his/her Pelikan Toledo M700.

The world over, the Pelikan fountain pen Toledo is hailed as one of the leaders in both craftsmanship and quality. Since the late 1800’s, these hand engraved pens have been a leading name in the industry of fountain pens, and with the creation of the Pelikan Toledo M700, they have retained their place in the world of classic fountain pens.

This Pelikan fountain pen also offers interchangeable nibs, varying from fine to bold, and has the ability to interchange with the classic Pelikan nibs, allowing the user a greater control over the quality and design of their fountain pen, as well as their work.

The Pelikan fountain pen Toledo does showcase German craftsmanship

This hand engraved pen is one of the most beautifully designed in the world, and is created with utmost care and attention to fine detail. From the very beginning, this pen is a creation of care and attention, every detail culmination beautifully in the remarkable final product that is the Pelikan Toledo M700.

best ink pens

Pelikan Advertisement Günther Wagner

The Pelikan brand has been used across the world, and can even be seen in the hands of some of the greatest minds in the world, including Albert Einstein.

From the stunning, sterling silver sleeve, to the jaw-dropping and hand-crafted 24k gold plating, this pen surely adds something special to the collection of even the most astute and fastidious collector. The 18k gold nib, inlaid with a rhodium inlay  adds an new quality and character.

If you are looking for a classic fountain pen that can that certain something to your collection, then look no further than the Pelikan Toledo M700.

You can find more information, reviews and the price of this pen, here.

best ink pens

Pelikan Toledo M900

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