Graf von Faber-Castell Anello, quintessential German heritage and best legacy pen

The Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Anello Fountain Pen is a stand-out pen in classic designs and a best legacy pen

Why call it a best legacy pen? Well, to start of I personally love the name: ‘Anello’ means ‘rings’ in Italian. It gets the name from the thin rings of precious metal around the body, which is made of lacquer, ebony wood or matt metal. But now seriously…
best legacy pen
The Graf von Faber-Castell Anello fountain pen has an 18 kt bicolor nib that took 100 steps to make by hand, including ‘running in’ the nib.

best legacy pen

Karim Rashid and Graf von Faber-Castell

It is no small wonder that industrial designer and interior architect Karim Rashid loves them. He uses the Graf von Faber-Castell pens to draw luxury goods, furniture, lighting, surfaces, and brand packaging and identities. Rashid is prolific designer. He works obviously with a huge team and most of the time with software. He has after all 3000 designs in production. In fact, he’s so prolific that he calls himself a ‘design junkie.’ He is particularly known for his artwork like the Oh Chair, the V-Ribbon, the V-Cube, the V-Infinity, and the V-Soul. Most of his work is a bit rounded, often called ‘blobjects’. He has won 300 awards for designs since graduating Carleton University in Canada. Although, he was born in Cairo, Egypt. Nice to know these type of people are associated with this brand.

best legacy pen

Graf von Faber Castell’s heritage

Graf von Faber Castell is one of the largest and oldest writing implement companies. Founded in 1761 by a cabinet-maker named Kaspar Faber, it was set up in the little village of Stein, near the majestic city of Nuremberg, Germany. Nuremberg already had a thriving pencil-making industry, but Stein had fewer restrictions. The headquarters of Graf von Faber-Castell company is still on the edge of Stein. ( A historical footnote that I find lends a touch of greatness: the headquarters were commandeered to house journalists during the Nuremberg Trials. One of those journalists just happened to be Ernest Hemingway.)best legacy pen

It was Kaspar’s son, Anton Wilhelm Faber, who set up the headquarters. This is why pens of Graf von Faber-Castell are sometimes branded AW Faber. Anton sent his son, Lothar, abroad to learn about pen making and business, and he gave Lothar the business. Lothar modernized the production line in 1837 and started branding the products. Ottilie von Faber inherited the works and then married Count Alexander zu Castell-Rudenhausen, who got on the board of directorates. This is where the ‘Castell’ in Graf von Faber-Castell comes in. The marriage to Ottilie did not last, but Alexander stayed on the board. Alexander completely modernized the look of the pens and the brand name. The company is very known for its pencils. Maybe you recgnize these type of designs. I am not a pencil expert but I have husband who draws frequently and he prefers this brand. best legacy pen


Anyway, the end result was a company that has branches in places as far apart as America and Switzerland.

The best legacy pen: The Graf von Faber-Castell Anello fountain pen

The Graf von Faber-Castell Anello fountain pen’s classy looks and functionality embody all that the Faber-Castell company has been producing. It can complement anyone’s writing desk.

best legacy pen

It comes with 6 different size nibs, and is available in M (medium), F (fine), and B (broad). I love the heft of the pen; it’s 17.145 cm long and 46 grams. I find the clip particularly handy. I’m constantly hooking my pens on things, and the spring-loaded clip is perfect for this. It is quite hard and very recognizable for Graf von Faber-Castell. The fill type is a cartridge/converter. The pen is a wet writer. This means that a slight change in pressure will influence the shading of your writing, which I find inspiring.

You can find more information, reviews and the price of this pen, here.

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