The M150 of Pelikan, one of the best pen brands

best pen brands

M150 of Pelikan, among the best pen brands

The Pelikan M150 is yet another true classic, actually part of the Pelikan Classic series which says it all. Very recognizable by the green see-through window. And we know, Pelikan is one of the best pen brands.

best pen brands

Famous individuals who have used the these Pelikan series include Einstein and Henry Ford, and there is even a famous picture of Einstein using a Pelikan. See also my post on Pelikan 100. The Pelikan website reports that Henry Ford used a Pelikan.

Pelikan pens

Pelikan pens have one of the oldest trademarks in the world

And one of the first German trademarks. In 1878, Gunther Wagner registered the pelican (from their family emblem) to be one of the first German trademarks. It must contribute to the fact it is seen as one of the best pen brands.

best pen brands

(image from ChiemseeMan, Wikimedia Commons)

The company has stood the test of time as it has existed for more than 175 years.

Out of all the Pelikan pens, the M150 is an iconic and classic pen

It is very often the choice of a pen connoisseur. A compelling fact to be noted about the Pelikan brand is that many famous artists and designers have been deeply involved with the brand; for example, famous artists Kurt Schwitters, El Lissitzky and Wilhelm Wagenfeld have all worked closely with the Pelikan brand.

This Pelikan, the M150 is one of the smaller models of the Pelikan pens, and it fits perfectly in female hands and can easily be carried in a purse. Because it is one of the smaller fountain pens, this would be an excellent pen to take along with you due to its light weight. It offers a shiny finish, and does not attract fingerprints. You also receive a lovely light gold finish with this pen, and a reservoir of ink. The M150 can hold up to 1.5ml of ink. The M150 has a built-in high quality piston that helps to make this an even better choice for any person. It also comes with a gold-plated clip.

The famous window of the Pelikan pen

The Pelikan pens offer some way for telling how much ink is left in your pen. The first Pelikan pen was considered by many transparent, and the reason was people could check the ink easily through a little window. This is a nice feature especially if you have a big meeting where you do not want to run out of ink. Most Pelikan pens will come with either an ink window, or you remove the barrel to look at how much ink is left in the pen.

What I have noticed is that most Pelikan pens are easier to clean than what you get with other manufacturers. Since most Pelikan pens are piston-filler pens (the M150 has this), this means that they are the least messy type of fountain pen to clean. All you have to do is fill the ink chamber with water and it will clean out. When you choose the Pelikan brand, the thing that I like about a lot of these fountain pens is that they offer a business and professional design.

Boring or classic ?

While some people might consider this a bit boring, I find the design to offer a classic look that makes people think high class. Especially when you work in a business setting. A Pelikan has been built for quality, and it is likely to be as good when it gets older as it is when it was new. They would not have survived 175 years had they not been offering people a quality that is hard to match.

Pelikan has prospered because of top notch products, skilled marketing schemes and consumer confidence. Pelikan has also been innovative in the way that they have offered a piston mechanism that consists of differentiating threads. While Pelikan has not introduced nearly as many models as some of their competitors, you can expect a lot of depth to the series that they have covered. Like with the M150, the action is smooth and the finish well done, but it does not look pretentious. Sometimes simplicity is more impressive than going over the top. If you want writing to become a pleasure, then this is sure to impress you.

You can find more information, reviews and the price of this pen, here.

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