Parker 51, once dubbed ‘the most wanted pen’ and is the best Parker pen

best parker pen

  Once dubbed  ‘the most wanted pen’… The Parker 51 pen is probably the most historical pen that Parker has ever made. And therefor can be seen as the best Parker pen yet. It sets the standard of style, design, and functionality of fountain pens with its elegance and ease of use. First made in […]

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Best classic pen Sheaffer Sagaris, created by the Iowa jeweler in the fifties

best classic pen

The origins of the Sheaffer pens The best classic pen out there Ever since Walter A. Sheaffer introduced his lever-filling fountain pen in 1913, the Sheaffer Pen Corporation has been known for producing luxury fountain Sheaffer pens. The Sheaffer pens are known for their classic elegance and timeless style. They have long been sought after by […]

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The Cross fountain pen, the front runner of American pen innovation

Cross fountain pen

The beginnings of the Cross fountain pen A.T Cross Company is credited as the first American company of writing instruments. Founded in the mid 1800’s, Cross is also merited as the longest-running producer of many varieties, styles, and types of pens, pencils, and accessories. Cross pens have been the chosen instruments of many a powerhouse. […]

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The M150 of Pelikan, one of the best pen brands

best pen brands

M150 of Pelikan, among the best pen brands The Pelikan M150 is yet another true classic, actually part of the Pelikan Classic series which says it all. Very recognizable by the green see-through window. And we know, Pelikan is one of the best pen brands. Famous individuals who have used the these Pelikan series include Einstein and […]

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Onoto Magna, luxury pens, against odds with us today

luxury pens

Grand heritage and fine example of the Luxury pens True luxury pens. Onoto, originally called Thomas de La Rue and Company Limited, has a very well respected British company that built a printing empire in the 19th century producing stamps, banknotes and playing cards for the commonwealth. It was actually only in 1880 that they […]

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Sheaffer Balance, the pen that brought fame and creativity. One of the best vintage pens

vintage pens

Walt Disney and the Sheaffer pen Balance Walt Disney was a great fan and was often seen in pictures with Sheaffer pens, vintage pens or not. A well-used Sheaffer Balance was found in Walt Disney’s desk in 1970 when his office was being inventoried. For me it became instantly ‘the creative pen’. The stories of […]

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The Waterman pen 22, used by Einstein for his Theory of Relativity, one of the great vintage fountain pens

vintage fountain pens

Albert Einstein and the Waterman pen Looking for great vintage fountain pens? Well, you are at the right place. Albert Einstein used both a Pelikan 100 N and a Waterman Taper-cap Fountain Pen. He used the second one to develop the Theory of Relativity. So this entry is off course about the second pen, the […]

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