Yard-O-Led Viceroy and Symbolism of Great Expensive pens

expensive pens

Symbolism of great expensive pens Although many advocates of the digital age would like to convince us that handwriting is and should be a vanishing art, no digital document will ever have the power of a handwritten document such as the Declaration of Independence, penned in the very beautiful handwriting of Thomas Jefferson. This document, […]

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Aurora Nobile: only the best ink pens were taken on antarctic expeditions

best ink pens

Aurora and Leonardo No, Leonardo da Vinci never wrote with an Aurora fountain pen since he lived 400 years before its invention, but his tremendous contributions to Italian culture inspired an 18 karat gold Limited Edition in his honor. An exquisite collection,   ranked among world’s best ink pens, reflects the beauty and precision attributed to the […]

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Graf von Faber-Castell Anello, quintessential German heritage and best legacy pen

The Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Anello Fountain Pen is a stand-out pen in classic designs and a best legacy pen Why call it a best legacy pen? Well, to start of I personally love the name: ‘Anello’ means ‘rings’ in Italian. It gets the name from the thin rings of precious metal around the body, which is […]

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Conway Stewart Wellington, the English Gentlemen’s Fountain Pen and one of the best vintage pens

best vintage pens

Among the best vintage pens… Considered one the best vintage pens but this particular Conway Stewart fountain pen is really a distinguished English pen and more a piece of art than a writing instrument. The crafting of this Conway Stewart fountain pen has the precision of a time piece. Its style and form does not sacrifice […]

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Parker Sonnet Cisele, one of the great light-weigth ink pens

great ink pens

Parker Sonnet fountain pen is still today one of the great ink pens When introduced in 1992, consumers could choose from many various trims, and with a high volume production, it exposed modern fountain pen design at its finest. Taking from the most successful fountain pens of decades past, this pen was a highly desired […]

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Visconti Homo Sapiens, one of the more intriguing fountain pen brands

fountain pen brands

Visconti, one of the fountain pen brands that refreshes First of all, Visconti is one of the younger fountain pen brands. One might find it odd to think fountain pen brands are still founded in the last decades. This company was only established in 1988 and is based in a fifteenth century Florentine villa. You immediately understand […]

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Onoto Magna, luxury pens, against odds with us today

luxury pens

Grand heritage and fine example of the Luxury pens True luxury pens. Onoto, originally called Thomas de La Rue and Company Limited, has a very well respected British company that built a printing empire in the 19th century producing stamps, banknotes and playing cards for the commonwealth. It was actually only in 1880 that they […]

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Conway Stewart fountain pen, the Elite vintage fountain pen

vintage fountain penpen

Conway Stewart vintage fountain pen and the Elite Collection This is not your ordinary pen. The Conway Stewart fountain pen, and not just any but the Elite Collection is not the pen you carry on you or take with you in a car. This is an ornate object and a true luxury writing instrument. One to cherish. […]

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