Porsche Design TecFlex P’3110, Part of the Collection of Cool Fountain Pens

cool Fountain pens
cool fountain pens

If you love fountain pens and sleek, classic design, then you will love this pen. What I love about these cool fountain pens is that their barrels are made of woven stainless steel cable sheaths comprised of TecFlex, the same ingenious material used by the Porsche motor sports team. The woven Tec Flex design resembles sports car brake and fluid lines.

Tecflex and Porsche Design close up

TecFlex is a hard wearing, highly pliable stainless steel that is also very resistant to corrosion. cool Fountain pens

Because it is stainless steel, it is fascinating, in and of itself, which makes for pretty prestigious looking cool fountain pens.

cool Fountain pens

Porsche Design TecFlex P’3110 (with gold)

Some models have 14 karat gold threads woven through the stainless steel barrel, for an even more beautiful pen.

The Porsche Design writing collection is known for their sporty barrels made of time honored materials engineered after The Le Mans 24 hour motor race. Le Mans is known as the toughest motor race in the world. It tests both racing materials and driver, by pushing them to their limits.

cool Fountain pensAfter several runs, the team found that the electrical and electronic components in the cars were getting unusually hot. To protect the components from excessive heat and stress, the Porsche Team incorporated TecFlex. So when you purchase a writing tool from the Porsche Design writing collection, you know you are getting a durable, high quality product that can stand the test of time.

cool Fountain pens

Ferry (right) and F.A. Porsche in the Porsche Design-Studio

Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche began the Porsche Design Studio in 1972, after leaving his position as Chief Designer at the Porsche sports car company.

The company remained independent until 2003, when Alexander Porsche sold shares of his company and Porsche Design Group was created. The designers began by considering the elegance, purity and innovation of every product, and from that concept, the technically inspired sports collection began which includes leather accessories, luggage, luxury handbags, sunglasses, men’s shoes, elegant watches, caps, smartphones, jewelry, exquisite writing tools and more.

Engineering of Porsche cool fountain pens

The stainless steel body is finished with high quality palladium for a scratch resistant surface. The flexes are soft, so when it is depressed, it deploys the point. The cap snaps securely on the end of the barrel with buttons. They are available in black or steel, and can be used with bottled ink, ink cartridges, fine line refills, rollerball or ballpoint.

The nib of the pen is comprised of precious 18 karat white gold and is available in medium, fine and broad point to accommodate a variety of writing styles. The nib is cut to precision for an effortless glide across the paper.

The shaft is made in its entirety of these stainless steel threads (Tecflex) while all metal parts feature a high-quality black PVD finish.

cool Fountain pens

Some background on a Sporty collection of cool fountain pens

Faber-Castell, the manufacturer of the Porsche Design TecFlex P’3110 fountain pen, originated as a very well known pencil company in the city of Nuremberg, around 1660. Kasper Faber, the founder of Faber-Castell, began his career as a cabinet maker, working for local traders, while making pencils on the side. Soon after, his pencils became a hit, so he started his own business, and his pencils quickly became popular around the world. After his death, his son Anton became the successor. He acquired a plot of land on the outskirts of Stein, where Faber-Castell began as a workshop, and soon flourished into a budding pencil manufacture. It is still stationed there to this day.

The company passed to many successors over the years, and has grown tremendously, eventually even delving into international territories. Under the successor George Leonhard Faber, factories were built in Paris and London, and eventually made its way on the US Register of Companies in Russia, Great Britan, Spain, Italy and France. Over the years, the manufacture underwent a series of modernization methods including acquiring the finest wood and graphite materials, acquired new buildings, improved working conditions, employee pension plans and company donations to local schools, strengthening its brand even more.

Soon after the success of the Castell pencils, came the production of the company’s colored pencils. These top quality “polychromos” pencils were created in over 50 different hues. They immediately became a hit with artists and still remain unmatched to this day. In 1950 Faber-Castell bought the Osmia Company and started manufacturing fountain pens under its name. Not long after, came the production of their mechanical pencils and ball point pens, which still remain popular today.

These Porsche Tecflex fountain pens, these oh so cool fountain pens made for boys, are engineered after the legendary Porsche design with sleek lines, high performance, standard features and elegant comfort. Here you see a picture of a pencil of the same family with a modelcar. Not cheap, no correct. But then again it is a Porsche…

You can find more information, reviews and the price of this specimen of cool fountain pens, here.


cool Fountain pens


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