Cool pens under 100? Kaweco Liliput is certainly a prime example

cool pens under 100

Though she be but little… she is fierce

We believe that every writer has his pen, just as every magician his wand—indeed, both create differing kinds of magic. If you happen to be looking for a versatile, easily handled writing implement, the Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen might be the perfect fit. As Shakespeare so aptly put—‘though she be but little… she is fierce’.

cool pens under 100Kaweco is a reputable distributor of luxury and certainly makes cool pens under 100. It is based in Germany. Although Kaweco was originally founded in the late 19th century—1883, to be precise—as Baden-Wurttemberg, the corporation was later bought by a pair of merchants.

Inventive brand name, a must for these cool pens

Kaweco is a portmanteau of the surnames of the two: Koch, Weber and Company. Later, the expanded form of the name was abbreviated to Kaweco.

Cool pens under 100Koch and Weber were responsible for multiple innovations regarding the art of the German fountain pen: they were the first to implement a safety hold, in which a spring was removed from the body of the pen when not in use. Koch and Weber also developed a line of inks, lead pencils, and leather cases to accompany their creations and to assist in their upkeep. They were starting to invent the family of cool pens under 100 then.

Koch and Weber were also responsible for the invention of one of the first fountain pens that combined two differing ways of stimulating ink flow with an implement that featured a felt tip, yet still utilized capillary action.

The two also pioneered the frontier of durability—Koch and Weber were among some of the first to fully make use of a specific type of molding process featuring polymer injection. As a result, the pens produced by Kaweco were famed for their diversity and durability, as made possible by the radical manufacturing process, beside being just extremely cool pens, that is.

Although ownership of the company shifted a handful of times—largely with the changing economic fortunes of the times—Kaweco is now under the direction and full possession of Herlitz, another manufacturer. The reputation for quality product, however, has remained.

Cool pens under 100Cool pens under 100

 Liliput, part of the family of cool pens under 100

Koch and Weber put out their first Liliput in 1910; it is still around today in a trifecta of colors—black, silver and brass—and more popular than ever. The Liliput is easily portable, quite simple to set up, and surprisingly low maintenance. Although one might expect to need smaller ink cartridges than standard with such a small pen, the Liliput is more than capable of running with its larger siblings. It is the smallest pen to take a standard cartridge, thus making it excellent for the on-the-go connoisseur—the Liliput is compact and simplistic, and easily compatible with multiple varieties of the standard cartridge. Manufactum, a great source for European products of great design has only a few cool pens under 100. It is a sign of quality that Liliput is in their assortment.

The Kaweco Liliput fountain pen measures in at an approximation of only four inches long; compared to some of the seven inch pens of the early twentieth century, this is indeed a shock. However, do not let the Liliput’s stature deceive you. The significantly briefer barrel allows for much more controlled handling; controlled handing, of course, allows for a smoother, more streamlined ink flow.

Cool pens under 100

It is available in multiple finishes, of which the most popular is the untreated brass. Although the outer layers are prone to oxidization, discoloration, and tarnishing when untreated brass is used with any dominance, the personal benefits far outweigh any possible aesthetic concerns. The metal of the barrel will tarnish with repeated exercise; assuming that your Kaweco Liliput fountain pen is yours alone, frequent use will create a uniquely one of a kind pattern on the brass, thus branding it as yours, and yours alone.

Cool pens under 100The etymology of the name itself hearkens back to the great author and political activist, Jonathan Swift; although he initially garnered fame as a political satirist, Swift later gained recognition as a master of prose, and a brilliant contemporary of the satirical novel. Not sure if he wrote with one of the cool pens. Probably not… However Gulliver’s Travels is but one of many, and offers up a harsh critique on the traditionalist ideals of Manifest Destiny dominant at the time—and, by extension, the ever-expanding nature of the British Empire.

Cool pens under 100In Gulliver’s Travels, however, Swift tells of the Lilliputians, a race exactly replicating humanity—save for their size. When you pick up your Liliput pen, just think of the collective thoughts and theories that have gone into its creation—doubtless, Swift would have used something similar to write of his little people, had he been graced with the proper time period and technology.

Again, just as every author has his pen, every pen has its author. The Kaweco Liliput is no exception. You have to admit, together with the Kaweco Sport, on which you will find an blog entry here, Liliput is just one of the cool pens. Whether you wish for one to complete a set, to use as an accessory to a full set, to use as a travel pen, or to use as your primary writing implement, any connoisseur of fountain pens cannot err with the Liliput.

You can find more information, reviews and the price of this pen, here.

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