A Faber-Castell Ambition creative ink pen, with a connection to the royal family of Bavaria

The heritage of this Faber-Castell ink pen

creative ink penThe history of Faber-Castell Company dates back to 250 years. This Germany-based company was founded back in 1761 by Kasper Faber. Till date, eight generations of the same family have managed this company. Writing instruments and more specifically the ink pen, from Faber-Castell have always been in focus. These products are always known for their unique designs, functionality, and performance.
When the story of fountain pens by Faber-Castell is unfolded, many remarkable incidents come to the picture. After all, the history of this famous company has a connection into the royal family of Bavaria. Faber-Castell has always tried to create a new and interesting creative ink pen to enhance the quality and experience of writing.

creative ink pen

Faber-Castell’s castle

creative ink pen

Faber-Castell’s ancient box







Some of their writing instruments are specially created for celebrity writers and royals.

creative ink penSince 2004, this company has introduced a unique and handcrafted ink pen every year, also known as their “Pen of the year.” Pen of the year for 2014 is designed for her highness Catherine II. Faber-Castell ink pen series have been widely used by many royals and celebrity writers, including famous English author Neil Gaiman.

When asked, a professional spokesperson from Faber-Castell describes that each of their fountain pen series is a masterpiece handcrafted to perfection.

The creative ink pen: Ambition

Take the Ambition ink pen series for an instance. This uniquely creative ink pen embraces the core design with excellent functionality and performance. The designers from Faber-Castell showcased their commitment to creative thoughts with their Ambition series.

creative ink pen

The Ambition range of Faber-Castell’s writing instruments comes in a brilliant design, featuring four exquisite materials. Each of these pens is designed with stainless steel, precious resin, pear wood, and coconut wood. Each piece boasts a unique and clear-cut visual design for perfect writing quality and professional functionalism. No wonder, these high quality writing instruments are designed to meet the need of many of those enthusiastic writers, professionals, and hobbyists.

Decomposing the Ambition ink pen

The barrel of the Faber-Castell Ambition ink pen is made up of pear wood, where as the cap and the tip gives an elegant metal finish look with highly polished chromed metal. The cap can be pushed onto the barrel as a form of an extender. The series also offers fountain pens of various line widths, M, F, EF, and B. The ink pen’s cap is very short. It is shiny with its chrome-plated finish, which indeed complements the brownish-orange pear wood barrel of the Ambition fountain pen. The clip, however, is very classy. Of course, this is one of those few unique features that most Faber-Castell pens have. The barrel is not only eye-catchy, but also very smooth to touch. It is indeed very attractive with its contrast combination of wooden body and chrome-plated cap.

creative ink penWhen it comes to the nib of the Ambition ink pen, the nib is relatively smaller. However, it complements the sleek and classy body of the pen. The unique feature of this nib is that it includes many small holes, instead of a single breather hole. This well-made German nib is of fine stainless steel featuring iridium tipping. The flow is always consistent through this nib. Even with quick writing, the pen nib works wonderfully.

Lastly, the pen looks and feels nice in hand as it has a lighter and attractive body. The mid-section is very compact and thin. The cap is small too. That makes the pen light and comfortable for writing. All in all, this pen is nicely weighted with a balanced body, perfect to write with. The packaging of the Ambition fountain pen is amazing. It comes in a very attractive white hard plastic box. The pen is inside the box on a felted bed. You can just open the box and slide the pen out from it. This neat pen box with the pen can be a great gift for anyone.

You can find more information, reviews and the price of this pen, here.

creative ink pencreative ink pen

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