The Cross fountain pen, the front runner of American pen innovation

Cross fountain pen

The beginnings of the Cross fountain pen

A.T Cross Company is credited as the first American company of writing instruments.

Cross fountain pen

Founded in the mid 1800’s, Cross is also merited as the longest-running producer of many varieties, styles, and types of pens, pencils, and accessories.

Cross pens have been the chosen instruments of many a powerhouse. But one pen in particular, the Cross fountain pen, rendered as the Classic remains a favorite.

Cross fountain pen designs, Modern Yet Classic

Devotees of the Cross Cross fountain pen – Classic Century are loyal year after year to this reliable and stylish fountain pen made known by none other than Alonzo Townsend Cross, the name sake of the notorious Cross pen company.

Widely collectible, this Cross fountain pen is a well-designed, sleek, piece of art bearing another A.T. Cross patent, the twist-action barrel. It carries a strength that is second to none. In fact, it caught the attention of the U.S. Post Office for its ability to print through carbon paper. There was a time when all postal workers were mandated to use a Cross Classic Century pen.

A.T. Cross is credited with 25 patents during his lifetime, and his designs are said to be the embodiment of American design and innovation. True to this image, the Cross fountain pen Classic Century is a frontrunner in fountain pens no matter which casing you choose, Medalist, Black Lacquer, Lustrous Chrome, or Classic Black. This well-made Cross fountain pen is slim lined. Its thickness is likened to a #2 pencil.

Cross fountain pen Century II

Although the Cross Classic pen is the Cross Company’s definition of perfection, the Cross Century II was created. It sports a slightly thicker barrel for those who like a little wider feel but want the identical lines of its forerunner. The Century II has a chrome finish with the same tip as the Classic and the famed black conical top. This chrome Cross fountain pen is a modern design but set in the traditional style of the Classic.

You can also find the Cross fountain pen Century II design in shimmering metallic or satin finish with rolled gold or polished chrome plating. It also comes in a blush color with a gold-plated or chrome-plated stainless steel nib in your choice of fine, extra fine, medium, or broad sized lines.

Each of these Cross designs can be complemented by a matching pencil. No matter what you choose, Cross is praised for their excellent quality and modest and fair prices.

Vintage  Cross fountain pen

A.T. Cross transformed the fountain pen when he invented the stylographic pen which has a hollow nib with a wire for a valve so the ink flows perfectly through it and quickly dries to touch. This is an early design of the stylographic pen.


Cross fountain pen

Cross Stylographic pen

Cross fountain pen

Reagan and Gorbachev

President Ronald Reagan was a fan of the Classic design (although in this picture he is signing with a different pen).

His vintage 1970 Cross pen was given to a local dishwasher in Michigan City, Indiana, USA, after the dishwasher tried to get a waitress to return the pen, inscribed Ron Reagan, to him when it was sent back to the kitchen along with Reagan’s dirty dishes.

Cross fountain pen

The Presidential Candidate put the Cross fountain pen with his dirty dishes because the ink cartridge went dry during his campaign trip there. After handing the Cross fountain pen back to the dishwasher, Presidential Candidate Reagan jokingly asked him for his vote in the upcoming election.

Looking further back in time, it has been said that a large quantity of fountain pens prior to the Cross fountain pen – Classic and the Century II chrome pen were not readily available. The early designs of fountain pens with nibs started being produced in the 1930’s but were seldom made and hard to come by.

Cross fountain pen

A.T. Cross designed and introduced this “Art Deco” fountain pen and pencil set in the late 1930’s. Its motif was used to create some of the modern Cross designs that you see today.

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