Montegrappa Espressione, the expression of great luxury pens

great luxury pens

The Espressione, the epitome of Italian great luxury pens

The Montegrappa Espressione fountain pen is the epitome of the Italian spirit and is a fine example of great luxury pens. It combines its excellent design with its construction consisting of the precious materials of mother-of-pearl resin and sterling silver.

This pen is a fantastic example of the modern design of the Montegrappa legacy and represents the brand in every way in dedication to its predecessors from when the brand began.

Great luxury pens, woven with history

Montegrappa pens have been a part of history in several cases. For instance, the Russian leader Boris Yeltsin handed a Montegrappa Dragon pen to Vladimir Putin in January of 2000 and the pen was used to turn over power to the Russian country. Another famous Russian who uses the Montegrappa pen brand was President Dmitry Medvedev, who was said to sign every official document he ever signed with his trusty Montegrappa Extra 1930.

great luxury pens

Montegrappa Yuri Gagarin 50th Anniversary Pen

Montegrappa has also honored many famous people by making pens in tribute to their success. It is certainly part of the reason why these pens are called great luxury pens.

For instance, there was a series of Montegrappa pens that were dedicated to the famous boxer Muhammad Ali and karate expert Bruce Lee as they were both an icon during the company’s first 100 years of activity.

Other famous leaders of the world’s countries have also trusted their signing of official documents to the Montegrappa brand like the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as His Holiness Pope John Paul II, the Queen of Thailand, the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, and the King of Spain, King Hussein of Jordan.

Beginnings of Montegrappa, a Brand of Great Luxury pens

This brand has of great luxury pens been around since 1912, making Montegrappa one of the oldest brand of fountain pen makers in Italy.

great luxury pens

Historical pens of Italy – Book by L. Jacopini

Detailed information on the early Montegrappa fountain pen designs can be found in a truly amazing book “The History of the Italian Fountain Pen” written by Letizia Jacopini.

The company was originally called Elmo Montegrappa, using the Italian version of one of the founders, Eng. Henrich Helm. The Montegrappa section of the name comes from the famous mountain that dominates the scenery in Bassano del Grappa, where the Montegrappa fountain pen factory started. Helm partnered with Eng. Alessandro Marazotto, a member of the Venetian aristocrats. Together they created this very first fountain pen factory in Italy.

Early Production of Montegrappa Pens

In its early years, the factory produced the Montegrappa pen for private contracts, so not many of these original luxury pens exist today. However, after the start of World War I, their production levels skyrocketed because the soldiers away from home needed pens to write letters to the people back home. Thus started the big success timeframe for the different styles of this beautiful and classic fountain pen.

This success continued, however, during World War II there was a problem getting some of the raw materials to make this type of fountain pen and they had to switch to making the pen nibs out of glass instead of metal.

In addition, after a fire in 1946 destroyed a celluloid store, they decided to stop using celluloid in their manufacturing process, and instead they concentrated more on precious metal such as silver and gold. By the 1950s and 60s there was concern that the ballpoint pen would destroy the market for the fountain pen, so the partners sold the factory to the Aquila family. However, the fear was evidently unfounded, as the pens are still in vogue today in the 21st century.

Modern Montegrappa Pen Continues its Legacy

When it comes to continuing the beauty and design of its predecessors, the Montegrappa Espressione pen is considered to be one of the great luxury pens. The pen’s body is long, thin and has a sudden big step from that section to its barrel and the end of that barrel looks square and blocky, but is still elegant at the same time.

At the end of its barrel there is a small resin strip and a metal band. The roller clip is very striking and the pen’s bevel has beautiful detailing along its edges, along with the Montegrappa script written above the clip written in black enamel with the addition of delicate scalloping appearing around the cap’s top. It is truly a beautiful example of a modern fountain pen that anyone would be proud to receive as a gift.

Pen Packaging Leave Recipients to be in Awe

The Montegrappa Espressione fountain pen makes an impressive gift for the executive or other recipient in your life and is sure to bring a smile to their face. These great luxury pens come packaged in a lovely cream colored outer box that encloses another smaller grey box in which the actual fountain pen rests. This box is made of a leather like material and is smooth as silk to the touch, thus showing its sleek style and grace of what is to come for the user of this luxury fountain pen.

The pen set includes two ink cartridge refills, along with a converter and a booklet telling the new owner about the Montegrappa pen history and how to use and fill their new fountain pen. As one excited new pen owner exclaimed, “It’s too bad that all pens don’t write as well as this fantastic fountain pen!”

This famous brand has been making elegant and great luxury pens for many years that continues to represent the look and feel of luxury.

You can find more information, reviews and the price of this pen, here.

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