The M150 of Pelikan, one of the best pen brands

best pen brands

M150 of Pelikan, among the best pen brands The Pelikan M150 is yet another true classic, actually part of the Pelikan Classic series which says it all. Very recognizable by the green see-through window. And we know, Pelikan is one of the best pen brands. Famous individuals who have used the these Pelikan series include Einstein and […]

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Pelikan fountain pens, the 100 vintage pen and the Souverän

vintage pen

The 100 is a true historic Pelikan vintage pen It was even the pen used by Einstein. How can it be more historic than that. There are off course several ‘Classics’ (and there are even a couple of Pelikan fountain pens), but this one, the Pelikan vintage pen 100 is in itself a little bit of fountain […]

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