Porsche Design TecFlex P’3110, Part of the Collection of Cool Fountain Pens

cool Fountain pens

If you love fountain pens and sleek, classic design, then you will love this pen. What I love about these cool fountain pens is that their barrels are made of woven stainless steel cable sheaths comprised of TecFlex, the same ingenious material used by the Porsche motor sports team. The woven Tec Flex design resembles […]

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A Faber-Castell Ambition creative ink pen, with a connection to the royal family of Bavaria

The heritage of this Faber-Castell ink pen The history of Faber-Castell Company dates back to 250 years. This Germany-based company was founded back in 1761 by Kasper Faber. Till date, eight generations of the same family have managed this company. Writing instruments and more specifically the ink pen, from Faber-Castell have always been in focus. These […]

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