Pilot Pen Vanishing Point, best fountain pen for the money, celebrates its Golden Jubilee

best fountain pen for the money

It can be considered as best fountain pen for the money. The Vanishing point is a Quinquagenary. Yes, that is 50 years indeed. Its rettractable nib is very unique in design and still today. But let me take you back to the origins of the Pilot, the creator of Vanishing Point. The history of the […]

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The best best heritage pen: the Pilot Custom Heritage 92, staying true to the company’s tradition

best heritage pen

The origins of the Pilot pen, the best “heritage” pen Why the best heritage pen? Well, Japanese penmakers, while beloved for their precision tips and fine quality, are not known for their interesting filling mechanisms. The newcomer Pilot Custom Heritage 92 is a minimalistic pen making a name for itself by being the exception. With a […]

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