Omas Bologna, colorful pens handcrafted in Italy

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Omas, one of the top pen brands

The Bologna pen of Omas, one of the top pen brands, is a beautiful, simply designed, line of pens, introduced to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Omas company. It is actually one of the more affordable Omas fountain pens. Now that is saying something because you have to know, that Omas fountain pens have been handcrafted in Bologna, Italy, since 1925 and this also gets them up there with the top pen brands. The company was started by Armando Simoni, in 1925. Simoni was interested in Greek culture, and he was interested in techniques, that would allow him to achieve his artistic goals in manufacture of fine fountain pens. He was an innovator, designing and manufacturing such pens as the doctors pen, which included a thermometer, the twelve sided pen, among others, including a pen with both a ballpoint, and an adjustable fountain pen nib. Simoni was made Cavaliere of the Crown of Italy, which focused international attention on his workshop, and Omas became known for very high quality fountain pens. There are several top pen brands that are Italian but Omas is quintessential Italian.

Omas Bologna, pens of Italian design and craftmanship

Elegant, sophisticated and functional, Omas fountain pens are examples of the finest in Italian design, combining craftsmanship, and style, with creative engineering, looking great, and writing beautifully and comfortably. Owners of Omas pens tend to regard them as artworks. Omas pens are sought after by collectors, with many limited edition and commemorative fountain pens produced over the years.

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The Omas Bologna pen has a rounded, cylindrical shape, comfortable in the hand. The barrel is made of resin, celluloid, or sterling silver and resin, in elegant colors chosen to represent the colors, seen in walking through Bologna in the evening, near the Porticoes. The pen is exceptionally well balanced, and, easy to write with.

Owners of these pens rave about the smooth, buttery feel of the nib when writing, and the beautiful colors in the resin and celluloid used to make them. The clip for the pen is plain, an elegant arc, inspired by the Bologna Porticoes, which does not distract, from the overall design of the pen. The 14 karat nib of the pen, features engravings of the famous Bologna Porticoes. All the metal parts of the pen are palladium plated, including the 14 karat nib, which has a platinum treatment to make it more durable. The silvery color of metal parts of the pen, contrasts nicely with, and enhances, the non metallic parts, of these colorful pens. Nibs are available in fine and medium, in the Black Gold celluloid, and Bologna Certified pens, more nib options are available.

Omas fountain pens, can be filled with a converter, or cartridge, so one can take advantage of the convenience of the cartridge, or the economy, and choice of color by using bottled ink.

Artistic colors and resin tradition of Bologna fountain pens

The barrel of the standard Bologna pen, is made of high quality resin, with a good weight, and quite artistic colors. The pearlescent blue color of the Bologna Blu Madreperla, subtly sparkles, and has a nice contrast with the palladium fittings. Bologna Notti di Bologna has a pearlescent blue cap, with the barrel in swirled orange and black pearlescent resin, a more colorful pen, present but not too showy. Bologna Passioni is similar to Notti di Bologna, with red and black pearlescent resin barrel, and the blue pearlescent cap.

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Omas Bologna fountain pen

The Bologna Black Gold pen, differs from the previous pens in piston filling, with cap and barrel made of Omas exclusive Black Gold celluloid, and with gold plated, fittings, instead of palladium plated. Omas fountain pens have been known for the high quality of the celluloid used in their pens since the 1930’s. The feel, and look of celluloid is different, warmer, more complex, and richer, than the resin used in the other pens, although photographs do not always show much difference.

The crown jewel of the Bologna collection, is the Bologna Certified Edition, this pen is sleekly elegant in silver, blue and grey.

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Omas Bologna Certified pen Limited Edition

This pen is sterling silver, and resin, with engraving on the barrel, and on the nib of the pen. The porticoes are engraved on the upper part of the barrel, with parallel lines running down the barrel, and the portico design on the nib. The fountain pen nib can be exchanged with a roller ball nib, for the ultimate in writing flexibility in a single writing implement. The roller ball uses the same ink as the fountain pen, which is filled by cartridge or converter.

The Omas Bologna line of fountain pens has the appreciated Omas craftsmanship and quality, but still at a more affordable price. The simplicity and practicality of the designs, gives these pens a timeless, classic quality which I believe will really never go out of style.

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